Back in 1999 I meet a home owner in the city of Oxnard, she was desperate and very worry that she could not get her 2 bed room addition completed on time before the arrival of a new member in their family. She had a very limited budget (35K), a big dream of having a great addition and time was not in her side. She was 6 month pregnant and things were getting uglier when several architects told her that 35k was not going to be nearly close to complete even a one bedroom addition with an 8-0x5-0 bathroom.

I had some experience with working with architects from my years of being a foreman for a general contractor in the Santa Barbara area, and I knew that architects are very expensive and rigid on what they do, not many options to you the home owner(of course unless you want to pour money into their firms) Thus I understood what was going on with this home owner, went and I offered my services.

Drafting the set of plans for first submittal to the city of Oxnard (one of the toughest in the Ventura county), and after drafting my first set of plans in less that 5 weeks, I did my first ever addition submittal. after 5 long weeks waiting for the city response, I got few correction from the city of Oxnard and I did all of the marked to be corrected work in less than 2 weeks. From there on I went to resubmit and then after my second submittal I got my first set of plans approved 2 weeks later. That was a home run for my business, given that circumstances that I had drafted my first ever set of home plans by hand in a very fast, clean and neat manner (I worked sometimes until morning drafting all night).

Once the working plans approved we went ahead and contracted with my happy customer for the construction of the addition, which was completed in less that 3 months, 7 seven weeks to be exact. For the amount of 25k, the home owner ended with a 1200 sq ft addition a 14-0x12-0 master bathroom and not only one more bed room but the existing living room was expanded and they got an extra bed room, in total I did:
2- New bedrooms (one of those was the master room)
1- One big bathroom.
The existing living room was expanded.

From that job on I decided to invest in my business about 20k in drafting equipment and tools such as drafting software and plotter (printer), so I could not only help homeowner more, but also help speed up the design processes. My journey from then on, had been very rewarding, very interesting and now more than ever I'm in a better position to extend all of these benefits to you for a very affordable price in exchange of clean, fast and professional service.
I want you to become my customer and see for yourself how efficient and affordable my services are.

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  • Residential framing remodeling contractor ventura county
  • Roof framing -thousand oaks
  • Stud Wall, wooden steel wall framings oxnard
  • Stairs framings- malibu
  • Any type, pitch slope roof framing- santa barbara
  • Spiral wooden stair case framing construction- montecito,CA
  • Decking construction in thousand oaks

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  Person Jose Perez
  City Santa Barbara, CA
  Zip Code 93013
  Address 1900 La Plata
  Phone Number (805) 844-3175

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Jose Perez


In business since 2003, but with general construction experience since 1998, my background foundation is framing construction. Have formal education and informal construction education.

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Thousand Oaks Remodeling General Contractor Business

Thousand Oaks Remodeling General Contractor Business

Residential remodeling contractor services in Thousand Oaks, Ventura, Oxnard and Santa Barabara. We provide residential framing services, house remodeling construction services and custom roof framing constructions.
We do autocad design for residential additions and remodelings in Ventura County, Los Angeles county and Santa Barbara Conty.

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We have estimated based on previous jobs that we will charge to any type of residential design a fix-rate cost of $4.25* per S.F, this includes: Cost of consultations, designing, ink, traveling costs, paper for blue printing, and free 3D view before construction or plan submittal. Also in the blue print, including is the elevations, floor plans.

For over 19 years, Buena Homes Construction Co. has been a full service general contracting company in Southern California specializing in Residential Blueprints and General Construction for contractors and home owners based in Want to build your own home or remodeling? Are you a contractor that need plans for your client? OR do you need a General Contractor to fully and thoroughly build for you? You've landed on the right site! Buena Homes Plans is the best place to find the perfect floor plan for you and your family.

Wooden Patio Covers Services, in California provides the neccesary shades required in a weather that's not hot or cold extreme. We fabricate Patio Covers with lumber, treated and natural Douglas Fir species for giving to the design the wanted shape and style, vinyl are others options we could built, but our experience and quality of lumber tell us that wooden patio covers and metal bracings with the proper and must be required maintanance will give you many years of enjoyment and beauty. Santa Barbara County decking anf fences Contractor Services.

Custom wood decks, plastic and /or Trex decking materials, we design, build, demolish, re-new, repair, maintain, and supplement decks resources for your benefit. We are located in Oxnard, California. Call us today! Fence: A guide or guard; used on houses to guide and divide property line. Fences can be made of many types of materials such as, stucco, concrete, wood (lumber), plastics, cementitous materials, glass, fiber glass, recycled materials, pre-cast materials, fiber glass, mud, adobe, concrete block, steel, aluminum, wire mesh, chicken wire, lattice, wrought iron, and least but no last, precast decorated fencing.