Seabridge Bathing is a North American manufacturer, distributor and sales and installation provider of walk-in baths, slide-in baths and walk in tubs with power seats, for the home and care facility environment.

We are committed to offering complete bathing systems that address the specific needs of individuals that currently have difficulty using traditional bath and shower products. Seabridge walk-in bathtubs are designed and engineered to be attractive in your home. They offer you with maximum safety, functionality, quality and independence.

We believe that the bathing process should be a fulfilling experience with the excitement and rewards of increasing the value of your most prized possessions, yourself, your quality of life, and your home. The success of our firm is the commitment to our clients to listen and conceptualize your “needs and wants” into a bath design that is both beautiful and functional. We strive to exceed your expectations and enhance your bathing experience.

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Products & Services


The Seabridge Paramount walk-in bath is Seabridge's largest walk-in tub.

The Paramount offers the safest, most comfortable, and highest quality solution for those who need more room to bathe.

The contoured back support provides a comfortable sitting bathing position, and removes the difficulties associated with having to step up, over and into the bath.

The easy-entry door eliminates this awkward process and ensures safe transfer.


Seabridge's Classic walk in bath tubs allow you to enjoy the pleasures of bathing again, on your own, without assistance.

They are designed to fit conveniently in place of your existing bath or shower. Enjoy a relaxing and peaceful bath in the privacy of your own home.

The Classic features an inward opening door, making entry and exit from the bath very easy. It eliminates the difficult process of stepping up, over and into your conventional bath.


The Seabridge Cameo walk-in bath provides you the same beautiful features as our popular Classic walk-in bath but with one unique variation. The Cameo Walk-In Bath design allows for effortless and complete removal of the door, an innovative feature exclusive to the Seabridge Cameo Walk-In Bath. The Cameo allows you to enjoy independent bathing, while also providing added convenience and safety if you require assistance while bathing.


This full lie down Seabridge walk-in bath is certainly deserving of its regal name. Simply enter through the door and sit on the Majestic walk-in baths powered belt seat, lower yourself completely to the bottom of the bath using the two up-down buttons located at your fingertips, and enjoy a wonderful relaxing reclining bath.

With a number of options and accessories for your personal enjoyment and safety, including full showering system and warm air massage-the Majestic provides you with an effortless traditional bath, all at the touch of a button.