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I definitely recommend this company to everyone who needs to find remodeling contractors, painters, roofers or any other contractor. Their response was quick and I received 4 bids on my projects within a few days! Having multiple bids is a must when it comes to remodeling. They made it so easy

French Unicorn Home was just opened a month ago. I was very excited that finally some business came into forever and ever empty lot on the corner of.

Need some candles? Down to Earth has 'em.Fiestaware? Down to Earth. Some fertilizer? How about a microplane citrus zester? Massage oil? Down to.

This is the nicest Surly Table I have ever visited. Been to the one both on 4th Street in Berkeley and in Walnut Creek. This is by far the cleanest, most.

I have shopped at this store, and these are the things we like to buy:sponges, 6 for a dollarboxes of movie candy, slightly stale, ingredients listed in.

Very experienced with stained glass replacement.

Like heaven. I love Le Creuset and was so sad to say good bye to my CA Le Creuset Outlet store, however when I met the new and improved (no sales tax) OR.

CRKT - sighMy other fave. I know, I sound obsessed with sharp metal objects. Maybe I am, I don't know. I do know that CRKT offers some really.

In final stages of a full house remodel with Fouch Building. Will update this review once completed.

All Phase Remodeling has done numerous remodeling projects for us. We have had four windows replaced with french doors, bedroom enlarged, and sound proofing installed. These projects have all been completed without any problems and finished within the time frame given. If you want quality work

Always available. Friendly & polite. Great business to work with.

We had a house fire in 2004. The fire was itself very small, but the home was completely covered with soot and smoke. If you have never smelled the soot-smell, it is unlike anything you have ever experienced, and it is horrible. The primary objective (for the home owner) when a home can be

Good Contractor with great employees. They do all work asked within the required time. They arrive on time and leave on time. They work with you to make your building just what you wanted it to be. I have used them for several projects. Prices are very reasonable. And they are bunch of nice

I have given this business five stars because the excellent customer service I was given actually really outweighed the not so good customer service I.

The first time I went in here was fairly surreal, because they were in the middle of re-merchandising the store. It was shortly after they opened in the.

I am a total Down To Earth fangirl! If you love fancy, quirky, and/or upscale house products, beautiful plants and vegetable starts, and all your organic.

Stepping into Mamma Ro makes me want to have a big, fun, festive Italian dinner party with scads of really loud people eating hearty dishes off the colorful.

Although this is chain, it's a fun place to shop. You can get your favorites from abroad such as turkish delight, german sausages in a jar and beer, beer,.

We liked the fact that they were on time and always there when they needed to be. The cost of remodeling the bathroom came out less than the bid which supprised everyone in our family. We used the alotted money we saved to go to a nice dinner!

I recommend their new line of mixers from The Modern in NY. I purchased the Gimlet mixer for a mere $15.95 and really like it! Definitely worth it if you're.

While one can buy All-Clad cookware, Wusthof knives and Chantal teakettles anywhere, the five stars comes as a result of this being a locally owned.

If Mirador doesn't have it, this is my next stop. Sure, it's a huge kitchen superstore that is staffed with friendly, well informed folks, and yes, it has.

This place was fun - I mean the staff was bad but the coffee was good and they have tons of kitchen items to go through. Lots of high end cooking, coffee,.

I usually try to avoid these type of kitchen stores like the plague, not because I dislike them, but because I always get sucked into buying stuff I just.

The store is basically a retail store with most of their line available at full price. You can download a coupon off of their website. The best items they.

Elsa + sam is a great addition to the new shops sprouting along Hawthorne and as I stopped in here yesterday I was so pleased to think we have this terrific.

Today I decided I couldn't live another day without trying Fat Kitty Falafel the much talked about falafel stand that sits outside Mirador Community Store.

I am writing this review as I need Custom Marbles services again for a friend. I was amazed that there were not any comments on this company, which is why I am taking the time to write. I am now retired so I am not in the business anymore. Without a doubt this is one of the best firms I have

MS Construction just finished a second story addition on our house and everything went smooth and with no problems. Our familly is very happy with our newly remodeled house and we will use MS Construction in the future again. Thank you

Last Sunday I spent three mimosa and wine filled hours learning the intricacies of bagel making at IGT, and despite the dauntingly high prices for cooking.

I didn't actually buy anything but browsed. The staff was very friendly and ready to answer any questions. I held back some questions because I wasn't.